Friday, April 27, 2012

San Diego and onwards...

This is the lucky last post for our excellent adventure of the Americas... We had a blast of a holiday, and met so many incredible people along the way...hopefully friends for life and always welcome to visit us in Newcastle!! San Diego was beautiful, perfect weather, friendly locals, Seaworld, Bikes, Massive icecreams, Superbowl Sunday, the NZ bar that only served Australian wine (hahaha), cheap nail polish, Urban Outfitters and a million types of beer... We'd recommend everyone visit San Diego if you can...perfect place for a beach holiday :)

Joshua Tree National Park

So we had been recommended to visit Sedona, and a few other places in Arizona before heading over to San Diego, but the call of the coast was too strong...we're just not desert dwellers...we wanted to stop at Joshua Tree National Park on the way, so we decided to stay in Twentynine Palms over night before going through Joshua Tree... this was on the advice of our friend Phil... well... this town is hard to describe...put it this way, the motel we stayed at had plastic under the sheets... I was sure that there had been murders committed in the room before and it was easier to clean up this way... The next morning, we got breakfast at one of the town's premier establishments- yup you guessed it- Maccas... but imagine our excitement when the egg muffin/sausage muffins were served on 'biscuits' - pretty much like having a doughy scone with eggy stuff on it... needless to say we were crossing our fingers that the food situation would improve in San Diego... Anyway... Sam managed to climb to the top of this rocky outcrop and perform starjumps...then tripped over his own feet once he was back on the ground... managing to sprain his ankle so badly that he couldn't walk for the next 3 days- let alone surf!! Which all goes to show, you should never ever take Phil Maher's advice :)