Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Navimag- Chile

After Osorno, we got on a cargo ferry called the Navimag from Puerto Montt.  It was 3 nights in bunks in a 42-berth cabin (which actually wasn't as bad as it sounds!). This is where the group started to get to know each other a bit more, because it was 4 days on a boat with not much to do but look at the scenery, play cards and laugh at people who got sea-sick... There was one night in particular that really got to some people, but we thought it wasn't much worse than a bad ferry trip from Manly... We got off the boat at a tiny fishing village called Puerto Eden, which was really, really isolated- no roads to the town at all, and extremely wind-swept and cold- beautiful to visit, but pretty hard-going if you lived there I guess.  The poverty on this island was really stark, especially after the Lakes District which had been populated by German immigrants who drove around in their expensive cars....

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looks amazing!! the photos are incedible