Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nazca Lines- The light plane Rollercoaster

Decided to take on Nazca lines flight considering it is the only way to see these ancient massive stone and rock murals on the ground. So four of us chartered a 6 seat, single engine heap of crap to take a half hour joy flight over the lines in the Nazca Desert. To say the flight was rough and bumpy would be an understatement. I think a nos charged industrial paint mixer would be more appropriate. Anyway, the flight was amazing and these pictures I've taken do nothing to show how crazy these things look from the air. Some of the pictures are over 200m long end to end and some just as wide. Some of the straight lines and trapazoids go for miles. The murals are all believed to be Incan and pre Incan so pretty bloody old. Anyway check them out. Oh yeah Felicity was a big blouse and didn't go up for the flight and also wants to let everyone know that most of the good photos on this blog are mine, Zing!

The Spaceman

Look for the Monkey

The Hummingbird

Just Desert lines and Trapazoids


Tree on the left and Hands on the right 

More lines and trapazoids

View of the desert

Yep more desert

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