Saturday, December 17, 2011

Banos- Volcano eruption!

So after we finally got to leave Peru (the border between Peru and Ecuador had been shut for a couple of days but we were fine- had no problems so luckier than some others!) we stayed in Cuenca, which was a beautiful little town, then made our way up to Banos, where we had so much fun we barely took any photos!
We went canyoning, which was AWESOME, I put photos up on facebook, because we had something even more exciting happen while we camped in Banos- a volcanic eruption!
We went and watched the lava spouting out into the night sky, which was incredible, but photos didn't really turn out because I didn't bring my zoom lens, and we don't own a tripod!!! Anyway, apparently the 'pyroclastic flow' (no idea how to spell it) which is basically super heated lava flow was like 2km long down the side of the volcano, and the pretty rocks that looked so nice in the air were apparently the size of a bus!!!!

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