Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Amazon!

Ok, sorry for the laziness of not updating the blog! we're actually about to fly to New York right now, so only about 4 weeks late with this post!

Anyway, I will take you back to where I left off.... last you heard we were in Banos and the volcano was erupting, luckily we made it out and drove to Tena, on the edge of the Amazon Basin, where we got into motorised, dug-out canoes and were chauffeured to our "rustic jungle lodge" where we stayed for 3 nights, unfortunately we don't have many pictures because sam's waterproof camera is no longer waterproof... and a lot of the time we were on the river or it was raining!

Things we got up to were swinging off a rope swing, then we went tubing down the Rio Napa, face painting, then sam got his demons exorcised by a Quichua shaman, we went out to a few islands and saw how the locals make balsa wood carvings and pottery, sam teased a tarantula, we went on a 'jungle walk' where we saw a lot of trees, a couple of spiders and lots of birds..... so not much exciting wildlife but we had a fun and relaxing time.... then sam, myself and louise went for a swim, except it was crazy because there had been so much rain, the river had risen about a metre, and lightening was striking all around because there was a thunder storm, so not your average river swim that's for sure!

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